The Little Humpbacked Horse

This adaptation of the Russian folk tale Конёк-Горбунок (The Little Humpbacked Horse) is coming to RUSSIA 1 TV on october 22ns.  No idea if this will ever leak out with a translation but might be worth looking about sometime.

The Little Humpbacked Horse is based on the fairy tale of Pyotr Ershov about the adventures of Ivan’s peasant son and his faithful assistant the Little Humpbacked Horse.
Synopsis: Ivan is not a the eldest son of an Russiaian emperor, not a hero, not a handsome man, and his older brothers even consider him a fool. But everything changes when Ivan has a friend and faithful assistant – the Little Humpbacked Horse. Even if he is small, he is smart and brave. With such a friend, no enemy is terrible. Well, almost none. With such an assistant, nothing is impossible. Well, almost no. Ivan and Kon’k will have to test their friendship for strength, face an insidious adversary, overcome incredible trials and meet such love, for which it is worth risking everything. Well, almost everyone.