NordicFuzzCon 2020 Charity: Katthjälpen

Dawwwww! It’s nice to see such cute charities.   The next NordicFuzzCon is the 19th though the 23rd of this month.   Worth checking out if you are in Malmö or near there right now.

The streets of Malmö is a place many stray cats call home, where they struggle each day to find food, shelter and safety. Some are lost, some are no longer wanted, some have lost their owners under tragic circumstances. Thankfully a group of volunteers exists to take these lost kitties in, and give them a new chance in life. Katthjälpen in Malmö is a non-profit association that works to improve the lives of homeless cats all over Skåne. The association was formed in 2002 and is entirely dependent on gifts, regular donations and different kinds of sponsorships, in order to be able to continue their work.