Election Hangover: Furry Music Playlist

Most of the things I had queued up for today were a bit depressing and given the mood of many people right now I thought a different approach would be better today.

So here is a bunch of furry music videos that you probably have seen but possibly may need right now.

Also, No matter what side you were on in this divisive election I would ask all of you to reach out to the vulnerable furs and help them even if it’s just a hug.

And To quote Judy Hopps:

“I thought this city would be a perfect place where everyone got along and anyone could be anything. Turns out, life’s a little bit more complicated than a slogan on a bumper sticker. Real life is messy. We all have limitations. We all make mistakes. Which means, hey, glass half full, we all have a lot in common. And the more we try to understand one another, the more exceptional each of us will be. But we have to try. So no matter what kind of person you are, I implore you: Try. Try to make the world a better place. Look inside yourself and recognize that change starts with you.”