Trailer: Beastars

A new anime (Beastars) that’s coming to Netflix and Fuji TV from Toho animation. This is based off a rather Manga that looks to be the rather dark anime version of Zootopia.

“A world where carnivores and herbivores coexist. While meat is considered a felony, a “food-and-death case” occurs in which students are slaughtered at the high school, Cherryton Academy, a boarding school. In the swirling school of anxiety, Legoshi, the idiot of the theater club, the gray wolf, was living quietly against the “big body” and the “sharp fangs. However, encounter with a small rabbit girl student Haru shakes the heart of such Legoshi. “Are you in love with her? Is it your appetite?” What he really met, it was his own instinct-“