80s VHS tapes & personal update

Check out these furry found footage tapes I found, Man I do remember Max Headroom being so husky.  There’s also a tape here from the old PBS show Computer Chronicles and man early optical media was so expensive then.

On a personal note: I did take a long break from posting here and there were a lot of factors going on. The world was on fire and I was stressed out due to everything going on with work and the pandemic, I had been doing this for many years without a break and I guess I really just needed one.  I’d been spending a lot of time in VR being social and just trying to enjoy some time to mostly myself.  I had been world building and experimenting with filmmaking in VR and so far been learning a lot. I’ll start posting more in a more regular way now.

If anybody is interested I also did a NSFW interview over here at the Seattle newspaper The Stranger and can read it if you are curious but warning: it is very NSFW.