GFTV News at 10 2/11/2020

This is shameless self promotion but for a good cause.  I was interviewed on GFTV over the weekend for my virtual Furry Ofrenda project for Día de Muertos this year.  The interview is at 1:57 in Global Furry Television episode.  This memorial currently has 209 furs in it and I plan on keeping adding on it though the year and keeping the world public.   So while it may not be Día de Muertos there will at least be an ongoing memorial to the furs that we lost.

Here is a link to the world if you have access to VRChat and I hope to get this out of Labs:

If you have somebody you think should be in there contact me on Telegram at @Changa_Lion

Also note: I’m slowly becoming a Husky so I guess putting your species in usernames might have been a silly choice.