Virtualfurence 2020: Dance Competition (Aquarius)

Furries have traditionally migrated to new social spaces to colonize it and put a lot of work into it.   Last weekend was Virtualfurence and had an actual dance competition and it’s impressive what has been pulled off.   Check out this performance.

2020 has been a crazy year so far in terms of the world around us literally falling apart. However, it has also allowed new, interesting concepts – especially in the Virtual Reality (such as @VRChat) space – to be born and flourish. One of those amazing events has been Virtualfurence. With the cancellation of Eurofurence 2020 due to the coronavirus, a team of amazing folks (such as Reimajo, @HIYU , @Wolvinny etc.) came together and built a replica of Estrel Berlin, the hotel that hosts Eurofurence. It has been amazing to see how much detail and effort was put into the modeling of the world and to see how much potential Virtual Reality has, especially in light of the lockdowns of 2020.