Ivan Dorn: Game

Here is a music video from Ukranian DJ Ivan Dorn that weaves though several animation styles.   Not going to say much except dump the translated lyrics here:

Look how you lifted your head!
He was distracted!
Years counted him
Don’t give much
Scary scary
Do not worry!
The gun is bare!
You drove us over the horizon at sunset
Now what?
Let go of the broth!
Or on the fan
This is if you’re lucky

But you can’t get into the soup
Don’t sue you
How to punish you
How so
And what would be so-so-so-so-so?
How to punish?
You can’t fly high
And don’t fall head down
How to punish you
How to punish?

[Verse 2]
Our name in the Red Book
They drew a black blot
Well thank you our savior
You cut us down
Even in the strongest networks
We will remain free
Our name in the Red Book
Red blood
Stay calm

Stork, Swirl, Swan, Woodpecker
Owl, eagle owl, ostrich, kiwi
Khrustan, Kestrel, Mudguard

[Verse 3]
Right under the wing pain
Apparently fraction
I will not shout
Pack in the sky
What I’m not treating
(I am not flying)
Hide in the bush
I’ll be here, wait
So be it for everyone
Come across
Rely on the fang
The saddest scream
Squeeze out
Oh, it was scary to fly
With these poachers
We fall
Fall into us
help us
Tell everyone
About everything
(We tell you
Via Ivan
We are very few
It’s very difficult for us)
Shit plants on air, on water
To the shore, which is like a garbage chute
And breathing hard
Are you all on the cards
Black-black spots are applied

You are far beyond the orbit of morality
Shoot, cut, you homo sapiens
You just think that this Earth isn’t
Nobody but you

Dear Earth
I am writing to you on behalf of all birds
Everything is complicated with us, but we are still flying
The climate, the dog, zealously somewhere expels us forever
Our increasingly digging in the trash
Here, many were poisoned.
From above it became stuffy
Someone even folded their wings
In the east we are in the throats
In the west in the interior
People say that they worry about us, and we are all in black oil from happiness
It should not be, Earth
Need your help