SC99M: Robeerope at Icons

This is a weird one but I find it really interesting when the art world bumps into furry sideways.

This trailer is for SC99 which is an art book to celebrate 20 years of the Madrid based studio Serial Cut. This book will have different covers that they have been revealing one at a time until a final film that comes out in September.

This trailer is for this furry synth player named Robeerope in his all his surreal furriness.

“Robeerope is the hairy third member of “The Wireframes” who plays synth, though we must admit, not very carefully. Emo at heart and clubber by soul, he is a huge fan of old school sailor tattoos, however, he can only adorn himself with heavy ropes since his furry skin doesn’t really allow for tattoos. As a kid, he had some issues showing his fur, particularly at the pool since the other kids didn’t have any fur yet, and he had enough for them all. But now he feels good with himself… having a huge fan club for being a member of “The Wireframes” certainly helps. In the SC99 Film, aside from playing synth, he will also activate a mechanism which will make the props look really ‘tasty’.”