The Dog

Posted on January 9, 2019

While this is just barely furry I really wanted to share this short as It’s probably the first Pinscreen animated film in many years. The Pinscreen is one of those styles of animation that is VERY crazy and I personally think one of the most difficult forms of animation out there.

A brief history of Alexandre Alexeieff and Claire Parker‘s Pinscreen can be found in this short 1973 film on the subject:

This form of animation lends itself to very ethereal stream of consciousness sorts of films.

“Film directed on Spruce, pinscreen by Alexandre Alexeïef and Claire Parker, during a research and development residency organized by the CNC. Many thanks to Jean-Baptiste Garnero, Sophie Le Tétour and Nathanaël Bergèse, and Chaïtane Conversat and Sophie Roze. And a special thanks to Michèle Lemieux!”