FURUM 2018 Constory

Looks like everyone in Furum had an amazing time this year.

Furum is a furry convention in Malaysia, will wonders ever cease?

“FURUM 2018: Making Magic 8-9 December 2018 Armada Hotel Petaling Jaya I think the best way to enjoy FURUM is not having your camera. this time I work with very little footages and I lost so many awesome moments there. I hope the video still came out good, FURUM always have a place in my heart. This might be my last Constory for a while, I have to focus on real life first, lot’s of stuffs that I need to sort out in term of career, family and such. so I’ll see you guys again when I got the chance! I Made this video with full of Joy, even tough I have to borrow more than 2 PCs it still finished the way I wanted, Even tough I was late ^^; not like usual haha!”