Two Snails Set Off

An odd little short based on a french poem.

Here is the translation:

“For a dead leaf’s funeral
Two snails set off
They’ve blacked up their shells
Put black bands on their horns
They set off in the evening
A lovely autumn eve
Alas, when they arrive
Spring has already come
The leaves, which were dead
Have all come back to life
And the two snails
Are very downhearted
But out comes the sun
And the sun says to them
Take, take the trouble
The trouble to sit down
Take a glass of beer
If that’s what you fancy
Take, if you’d like to
The coach up to Paris
It’s leaving tonight
You’ll see the world
But don’t wear mourning
You mark my words
It makes you look ugly
And blacks out your eyes
All this coffin business
Is grim and not nice
Take back your colours
The colours of life
And then all the animals
Trees and plants too
Break out into song
And sing loud and true
They sing the song of life
The song of summer
And they all have a drink
And their glasses they clink
It’s a beautiful evening
A lovely summer’s eve
And so our two snails
Back for home they leave
They leave full of emotion
They leave full of joy
And they leave full of beer
So they stumble and swoon
But up in the sky
Looking down is the moon”