The Cuckoo Murder Case

So for everybody out there currently playing Cuphead I thought I would share this old 1930s cartoon.

Back in the 70s my parents collected 16MM films and I grew watching things like The 3 Stooges, Marx Brothers and old 30s cartoons on a projected screen and one of the favorites was this particular Flip cartoon.

There is just something about these weird surreal old cartoons that’s just kinda awesome and is probably why the developers of Cuphead went for that style.

This is a film made by UB Iwerks with music by Carl Stalling (More famous for doing all the music on all the classic Warner Brothers cartoons.)

A weird thing about UB’s Flip the Frog is he was the inspiration for the Eric Schwartz flip cartoons. If you have never seen those here is an example of the Schwartz animated shorts: