I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm

I thought we could use a bit more Pokemon here this week.

Thanks to Sysable for the tip.

“The animation that was supposed to be completed for the Winter holiday season of 2015-2016. In the link above, I explain what I’ve been working on alongside this, including Ittibits. Speaking of, your support for projects like these will allow me to spend more time on them or afford resources, to bring you even more cool things! And maybe I can actually get them done within the correct season. ;\

It’s near Christmas on Poke Island, friends, family and loved ones all share in the warmth that togetherness brings! Poke Island SE may never see completion, but it was rather nostalgic to work with this series again, even briefly, and fitting in lots of different Poke characters where I could, and if it made sense.”